Honey Mustard Pretz

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Today I bring you a goodie from the delux Japanese Christmas basket of ultimate doom that TheMan and I got from the Qs. MmmmmPretz. There are about as many varieties of Pretz as there are Pocky. Almost. Unless you are counting the Pocky spin-offs (Decorer Pocky) or the Pocky knock offs (Fran), in which case Pocky wins, but only because Pocky cheats.

I’ve done Pretz six times now but for you JSF junkies, once more into the foray! Pretz is a pretzel like stick flavored with something tasty. Or not so tasty, or tasty in a way that you really wish had never been stuck on a stick. Either way, they sort of remind me of long, thin, sticky (in the construction sense, not the gooey sense) Combos without the cheesy filling. The stick is less salty than a pretzel and a little more dense and crispy crumbly than a pretzel but you could snack on any one of the vast varieties of Pretz out there while enjoying a tall frosty one.

Well, maybe not the maple and butter Pretz, but we didn’t try then with beer so they just might. Honey mustard Pretz however are the BOMB with beer. They were made to be snackin on while throwing one down at the bar (or in the house) watching the game or BSing with friends, wherever and whatever you happen to do when drinking and munching. These are the Pretz for you. They are nicely mustardy in that spicy German brown mustard way and hey! The Germans know from beer so it stands to reason that German spicy brown mustard would go well with beer right? Right?!?? OF COURSE! Why make a mustard for pretzels (which is a word of German origin, BTW) if it isn’t going to go well with beer? Germans are way too organized to let that sort of thing slip.
But…aren’t these Japanese? But of course they are, take a look:

All Japanese babE! And I can’t read a thing on it. It could say “We thought the Germans were really on to something so we made it into a Pretz!” or it could say “Made from all new ingredients”, I don’t know. I’d like to think that the Japanese decided to make a Pretz that was mustard spicy with a hint of honey sweet and of course all the usual Pretz crunchy and savory goodness. I think they succeeded and my Guinea Pigs agreed as well.

On a final note, check out the new packaging. Pretz! Now with a foldy in flap to preserve all the tasty Pretzness. Maybe that’s what the back says? Who knows! All I know is that we agreed to

Rate these at 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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