Salad Pretz

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I can’t believe that I haven’t done Salad Pretz yet! I’ve certainly tried Salad Pretz; they are a long time favorite from way back along with Pretz (no flavor designation), Pepper pretz and Beer Pretz, all of which you can no longer find. Salad Pretz, however, showed up in the deluxe Japanese basket of ultimate doom so I figured it was about time to add it to the review.

These Pretz are a little strange looking, less uniform in shape…unless the shape is sort of field hockey stick shaped. In that case, they are spot on. I have no idea why this particular Pretz is all wobbly in the construction but it is. The first Salad Pretz weren’t, I don’t think but it was quite a while ago in the infancy of the review and not something I’d particularly be looking for at the time. Plus, my brain is the shiny! so I probably didn’t take much notice way back then anyway, but here they are today with funny whoopdees and wiggles.

The odd form certainly doesn’t take away from the taste any. These Pretz have a nice light salty munch going on with a good crouton “tangy herbal zest” flavor (direct from one of my Guinea Pigs), not unlike the spicing you might find in a cool ranch Dorito. Pretz, however, make Doritoes look heavy handed with the cool ranch spicing. Can you say smooooth? Pretz sure can!

Salad Pretz also have the delicious Pretz crunch and typical tasty Pretz stick common to all Pretz, which I am not going to go into because I’ve done the Pretz. Seriously, I think this is my seventh Pretz review and by now, you junkies should know Pretz. For you newbies to the review, this is the perfect opportunity to go perusing the archives to find out all about the other tasty Pretz (I’ll give you a hint: I linked them all in the last entry).

These Pretz rate high on the munchability factor and high on the tastiness factor but are not quite up to orgasmic crack epiphany. Ergo, we (me an’ th’ G Pigs) decided to give Salad Pretz a nice solid

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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