Flute Wafers (Strawberry)

Posted in 4.5 Wasabi Pea Rating, Cookie, Sweet at 9:50 pm by Boo


Here is the last flavor, that I know about, of Golden Time flute wafers. First there was coconut, then chocolate and now, say hello to strawberry. Hello strawberry! This is the good kind of strawberry too, nice pleasant strawberry waft about it and a real strawberry taste. Mmmm. All strawberry stops were pulled out for these wafers.

Of course before you get to the strawberry you have to go through the light crispity crunch of the wafers. It’s the same wafery rolled cookie things as all the other Golden Time offerings with the light crispy and the fancy little stripy down the side. Tasty.

The only dim spot on my glowing review is that Flute Wafers – strawberry could stand to have more goo in them. Don’t get me wrong, the goo that’s there is amazingly strawberryeriffic with a good sweet going on but there just a little too much crunch to goo ratio. Gimmie a leeeeeeeetle bit more strawberry and I’ll give a half a pea point more for a perfect score. As is, Flute Wafer (strawberry) gets a

rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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