C. C. Lemon

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Say! I found drink three from the Lotte Inryo Mix 5 Candy collection but sadly, I think C. C. Lemon is the last of the Lotte mix to make the review. At least for now they are, since I haven’t been able to find natchan! and Latte Latte at my haunts. I’ll keep looking though, because it’s become a “thing”.

So. C. C. Lemon. It’s a pretty lemony color and has a nice lemony scent to go with it. It’s also carbonated so it has a nice lemony bubbly poppy sound to round things out. OK, I’m not sure you can have a sound that is lemony, but the pleasing and gentle pop pop of the little carbonated bubbles fits with the whole pleasing color (of lemon) and pleasing smell (of lemon).

And then…the taste! C. C. Lemon is pleasantly lemony with a small but zesty carbonation. The lemony is a tad tart but also a tad Lemon Head candy flavored rather than picked from the tree lemony. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was a bit surprised to be drinking candy lemon rather than citrus-y lemon. The ingredients list has “lemon juice flavor” rather than natural lemon so I guess that’s where the Lemon Head candy taste is coming from.

Or maybe it comes from 70 lemons’ worth of Vitamin C. 1400mg! That seems like a lot. And 70 lemons? woah.

Despite the carbonated candy lemon taste, we liked C. C. Lemon enough to give it a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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