Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (cheese)

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OhHO! Look what I came across: Cheese Ka-me Rice Crunch Crackers (and I’ll give you a preview hint too – I actually found two of the flavors I was missing from the Ka-me Rice Crunch line up. Whoot!). I’ve done plain, sesame, and wasabi and now cheese and if you remember your Rice Crunch Cracker lore, that just leaves onion, unsalted and seaweed. What oh what could my next flavor be?

You’ll have to wait because this week we are all about the cheese flavor. Sadly, no one clued in the Rice Crunch Crackers about today’s flavor so they didn’t have a lot of time to prepare the cheese. I think they maybe they were called away in the middle of make-up so they have a slight cheesy yellow dusting but wardrobe couldn’t get them into the cheesy flavor costume in time. Thus, while there is the base Rice Crunch Cracker deep ricey flavor, the cheese is more reminiscent of something that may or may not have been cheesed. I couldn’t even tell you what kind of cheese it was that the flavor was trying to be. I’m not even sure I tasted much cheese at all. Maybe it was more along the lines of a cracker that had sat in the same make-up chair as an Utz cheese ball. I’m afraid I’m going to have to deduct half a pea point for not delivering the cheese.

The crunch is still there in that nice satisfying Rice Crunch Cracker crunchity crunch so yay crunch. Pea points for crunch! However, the cracker itself is neither grand nor disgusting with its ricey self. What can you really say about rice crackers? They’re ricey. Rice Crunch Crackers have, so far, been really good about the ricey in a “miles above rice cakes and sugar smacks but not as tasty as rice Chex” sort of way. A very solid 3 pea sort of flavor.

My guinea pigs this time out included LunarGeography and Badmovie as well as their two social cats and I think the cat’s reaction pretty much says it all. Violet, the cat matriarch, was all about trying a bit of cracker so I broke a cat sized piece off for her. She ate it up with happy cat zeal, but when I put down a second small piece she sniffed it once and wandered off in distain. I next offered a small piece to Kipling, who was quite interested in the crunchy bit of people food and sniffed it most enthusiastically. This caught Violet’s attention and she was back in the kitchen in no time flat, barging her head in on the cracker to see what was so sniff worthy. Once she found out it was a bit of cheese Rice Crunch Cracker, she left the room without a backwards glance. “Oh. That again. Well have at it underling, I’ve got a foot to groom”. Kipling too was satisfied with just the one bit of cracker and Frost was nowhere to be found. 2 out of three household cats give Rice Crunch Crackers a solid cat “meh”.

The human Pigs weren’t any more thrilled, although I wound up making a batch of tuna fish salad later and discovered that the crackers were marginally better as a tuna salad base. Personally, I’d pick up one of the other three flavors already reviewed if you want a nice snackable snack, but the cheese Rice Crunch Crackers aren’t bad. I can’t really give them more than a 3 pea rating and I have to deduct a half pea for cheese misrepresentation for a

rating of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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