Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (onion)

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Onion! For you junkies who picked Onion as the surprise second flavor of Ka-me Rice Crunch Crackers that I picked up the other day, give yourselves some imaginary and insubstantial JSFR points. That leaves Unsalted and Seaweed to close out the Ka-me Rice Crunch Cracker family.
I am not linking in the RCC family because I’m too lazy to cut and paste and because I’m writing this before Cheese Crunch Crackers go live. I’m also way too lazy to figure out the linking pattern for something that doesn’t exist yet on the internets and for which I can’t just go to and cut and paste. And as I just finished explaining above, I am too lazy to do that anyway. If you are getting your unders in a bunch over my extreme apathy, just pop to last week where I linked them all in. Wala! Now, Onward to Onion!
Woah. If I never found the missing RCC siblings, I think I would be perfectly content having ended on Onion. I’m sure Seaweed and Unsalted are very good but they would have to be epiphatastic to top Onion. Onion rocks. Onion has the delightful RCC crispity crunch (pea points!) as well as a bold boss onion salty. You not only get a good salty fix but the onion comes through both on the tongue and up in the sinuses where flavors sometimes go. Good if that flavor is onion, sort of distressing if it’s wasabi.
Even the rice-y-ness of the Rice Crunch Cracker base is a better, more robust, and tastier rice-y. I think the base is the really same base as all the other Rice Crunch Crackers but something about the onion salt just makes the rice-y-ness shine in a tasty, tasty way. There is a synergy of salty onionness and rice-y which elevates the usual ho-hum of rice-y to something just as tasty as pretzels or Doritos or any other typical snack critter. I’d even say that the onion salt might be a bit much on a Dorito or a pretzel like snack but that magic rice ho-hum works to bring back the onion salt from the brink of too salty to just right. Would I grab a package of Rice Crunch Cracker (onion) just as readily as I would a typical snack critter for evening munching? You betcha. Would I grab them over their wasabi sibling? I’d have to say yes. A half pea point more yes for a
of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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