Pucca (New York cheesecake)

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JSFR: Pucca NY Cheesecake

Oh ho! I’ve found another flavor or Pucca to go with the already reviewed chocolate and almond. This one is called New York Cheesecake (as it says on the package) and I was quite looking forward to some tasty cheesecake Pucca goo stuffed inside a cute but rather bland pretzel fish like entity. Assuming NY Cheesecake was using the same cute but rather bland pretzel fish like entity shell, that is.

I am happy to say that the NY Cheesecake pretzel fish like entity shell is just a wee bit tastier than the pretzel fish like entity shell found around the last two Puccas. Huzzah! I *could* have gone for maybe an insignificantly teeny tiny titch more salt but on the whole, this pretzel shell was the surprisingly tastier of the three. Huzzah! I love it when the JSFR universe listens to my criticisms and hops-to to correct them. It’s not perfect but I’d say it’s maybe a 16th of a pea from pretzel fish like entity shell perfection. Really, I’m not going to quibble over a sixteenth of a pea.

I am going to quibble over the cheesecake Pucca goo though. I don’t know about y’all, but the cheesecakes I’ve had really don’t taste like cheese. Well, they do taste a bit like cream cheese but cream cheese is not cheddar or Swiss so I don’t expect to taste cheese cheese when I eat a cheesecake. Imagine my surprise when the pleasant sweet of the goo (which is indeed a nice Pucca goo sweet) flowed over my tongue along with…what I would describe as processed cheese food spread flavor. If you happen to remove the cheese from a cheese Combo, mix it with a bottle of corn syrup and then repack it back into the pretzel shell, that’s about what Pucca is offering here. Except in cute fishy shapes. And with a soft quasi chocolate-esque Pucca goo filling instead of actual cheese food but the similarities remain. Yeah, I’m going to have to knock some pea points off because I’ve never tasted a New York Cheesecake that has been processed cheese food spread flavored.

The other Pucca managed a 4 pea rating, which I can’t really in good conscious grant the NY Cheesecake Pucca. True, the plus pea points for a nice pretzel coating and the minus pea points for misrepresenting NY cheesecake should cancel out but the overall flavor of the processes cheese food spread isn’t really thrilling. I think I’ll go with an average rating, because they are fairly good as meh cheese flavored processed cheese food spread Pucca but think of it as a really unenthusiastic

of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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