Meltyblend (milk)

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Remember a bit back when I reviewed Meltyblend strawberry and I said I had picked up three flavors? Then I unveiled chocolate, which was every bit as tasty as the strawberry but in a more chocolaty way. Today you JSF junkies get to have a look at flavor number three of the Meltyblend family: Milk.

Before I leap into the review, I wanted to draw your attention to this neat little bit of packaging fun. All three Meltyblends had their own unique identifiable outside color (for instance, strawberry was red) and then this brown and spotted inside color. The boxes are designed to open up in a store display kinda way so that the fancy brown and cream colored insides show as a counterpoint to the outside color (errr…save chocolate which was brown on the outside) when the display flap is put up. Swank!
What can I say about Milk that I haven’t already said in the previous Meltyblend reviews? Milk has that iconic bitter cocoa dusting over a delicious melty chocolate coating (Mmm, delish) leading to a wonderful fudgy truffle center. It’s exactly like its brothers (or sisters, I didn’t stop top ask because I was too busy munching) save the inside chocolaty fudgy truffly center. In this case, the center would be milk flavored, which basically translates into sweetened condensed milk fudge tasting center. I don’t know about you, but I rather like sweetened condensed milk (it make an absolutely fab oatmeal) and to make something that has that taste with the texture of melty but firm fudge is a wonderful thing indeed. The rather mellow milky flavor flows nicely with the chocolate too. Bonus delish.
I can’t even say if Meltyblend Milk is better or worse than the previous flavors so I’ll just slap the same outstanding “I wish I broke my pea points down to tinier fractions but I don’t” rating on Milk and call it good. Really, any of the three Meltyblends are supreme in their Meltiblendyness so the only real difficult choice is: Do you feel like chocolate, strawberry or milk? Well, do ya…punk?
Rating: 4.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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