Kity Land Chocolate Wheat Cracker

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The JSFR’s back again with another take on the whole picture stamped snack foods. We’ve met a couple of these critters before with Hello Panda and then again with Koala’s March but this whole painting pictures on snack foods thing never gets old.

Critters! I’d put them at better stamped than Pandas but not as clear as Koalas but still exhibiting the kawaii.

I think I picked these fellas up on my latest trip to Hiller’s (when I went shopping hungry and tired and thus bought out their supply of Meltyblend) because they looked so squee with the bite size and little pictures. Plus, they are dipped in chocolate and have distinguished rippley edges, sort of like one of those fancy-schmancy Pepperidge Farm cookies. Well, except with less fancy packaging and more cartoon cookie front. Still, if Pepperidge farm made cookies like this, I’d totally abandon my Milano addiction for them. Look at how cuuuuute they are!

Hmmm, maybe someone ought to give Pepperidge Farm’s idea center a poke because they don’t have little tiny chocolate dipped painted cartoon cookies and I can think of several groups who would buy them. You got your people who can’t resist the kawaii (yeah, hi!), and then if you stock them at the right height (say about ‘sitting in the cart seat’ level) you get the riding rug rats who are bound to latch onto the cartoony look. What mom wouldn’t buy her kid a delicious, tiny, Pepperidge Farm chocolate dipped cartoon cookie? Golden!

Alas, Pepperidge Farm does not have such a critter in their bagged cookie line up so you will have to settle for Kity Land cookies until someone at Pepperidge Farm has a light bulb moment. I’d probably also suggest you go with the Pepperidge farm cookies if they ever do market such a critter because Kity Land, although cute and chocolate coated, are really only disappointingly OK. The cookie is a quasi chocolate chip cookie base tasting cookie which gets the job done but not outstandingly so. The chocolate is adequate but not stellar and not as deliciously Japanese dark chocolate as I would have expected. There is also a slightly manufactured taste that lingers around which isn’t the worst I’ve tasted but still doesn’t make for total cookie enjoyment. Most of my Guinea Pigs were frightfully ‘meh’ about these so I’ll give them a ‘meh’
Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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