Toppo (salted caramel)

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Welcome to another edition of “Stuff Badmovie found on J-List to review at the JSF”. This time it’s a variation on a previously reviewed snack food: Toppo. When we met Toppo last, it was sort of an inverse Pocky thing but with an unsalted pretzel tube instead of the traditional Pocky graham/Ritz-esque stick. This time around, Lotte is offering the pretzel tube with salted caramel.

Can I get a yum? Because this Toppo has the same crunchity crunch of the chocolate plus the salted of the salted caramel, which seems to have alleviated the bland pretzel shell problem. Hallelujah! It gives the Toppo just enough of a sodium boost that I can’t find fault with the unsalted pretzel shell. Delicious!

As for the inside, it’s filled with a delicious, buttery, sweet (and slightly salty!) caramely goo which is mighty, mighty tasty. Think of it as a smooth, slightly hard caramel frosting plug but with more of a soft chocolate consistency. Also…yum!

Different treat, different back packaging weirdness. They’ve gotten rid of the pooch but now there’s an angry fella yelling about a 100,000 Yen pot of something. It looks like a cross between a tuba and a vase. Perhaps 100,000 Yen is way too exorbitant a price for a tuba vase?

I think one of my Guinea Pigs was sorta “eh” about the stick while the rest of us were ALL about this new flavor of Toppo. My favorite Guinea Pig is lobbying hard for a 5 pea rating, and Badmovie gave it a resounding “YAY!!!” and I’m so very tempted to go a with 5 pea myself but… If everyone’s not singing to the high heavens with praises of Toppo it’s not quite orgasmic crack epiphany is it? I will say that it’s really, really close – like a 4.75+ pea close and if I fractionalized peas, I’d be writing something like “a really, really high 4.75 peas out of a possible 5″ but alas. They are much better than the chocolate Toppo (which got a 4) but not everyone who tried them immediately went out to create a salted caramel Toppo cult. Therefore, I’m saddened to have to give Toppo – salted caramel a really (really, REALLY) high

Rating of 4.5 wasabi peas of out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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