Calbee Tuna and Mayonnaise Sticks

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Every time we try to come up with a snack that will surely lower the average JSFR rating we are weirdly surprised when it doesn’t. Take these Calbee Tuna and mayonnaise sticks. I mean…tuna and Mayonnaise? That’s got to be at most a 2 pea if it’s lucky right?

Not so much. We thought they’d at least have an unpleasant smell that we could knock some pea points off for, but we were denied whiff of old fish food or pervasively stinky greasy fish fry. Instead, a pleasant tuna noodly casserole smell greeted our noses. It wasn’t tuna noodle to die for but it wasn’t bad.

So we dug in and hey! Crunchity! Also cuuuute tubular shapes. Kawaii! These Calbee snacks have a nice light tuna taste with a smooth creamy companion flavor and a nice bit of saltiness. We couldn’t find much to be disappointed by in these snacks and instead found we rather liked them. Quite a bit.

Check out the Calbee Tuna and Mayo Sailor Giraffe. I…don’t know.

And then there is the UPC maze which…heh.

The Pigs and I put our heads together and decided that Calbee Tuna and Mayonnaise sticks should get a

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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