Katayaki Pretz

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This is another JSF from Badmovie’s J-list buying spree and according to the J-list blurbit this is “Consommé Pretz”. Whatever it is, we decided that we liked it a lot. Well, except for my mom who thought they would have been better if they had been covered in chocolate which…yuck. Please feel free to ignore that comment.

Consommé or Katayaki Pretz have a delicious smoky ham/bacon smell (yay pork!) and to tell the truth I’d be perfectly fine with a Katayaki Pretz air freshener. Seriously. That’s some good smelling Pretz. It’s also some good tasting Pretz. It’s lightly spicy Canadian bacon / pizza ham flavored thing. The spice builds a bit over time but it never gets too overpowering.

However. The thing that makes this Pretz outstanding is the crunch. Wow. This is perhaps the best crunchity ever in the JSFR. One of my Pigs said that this was the best tasting snack food I’ve made him try. In fact, I had to find a second tasting group to decide if this was going to be a 5 pea snack or not. Alas, while most of the Pigs were truly delighted by Katayaki Pretz not all of them wanted to form a Katayaki cult. So I’m going to give these a 4 pea plus a half pea crunch for a total rating of

Rating of 4.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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