Egg Cracklet (crackers)

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Heh. Egg Cracklet. I love the fact that they put “cracker” in parenthesis just in case we didn’t get that “cracklet” was supposed to be like a small cracker. I also was vastly amused by the strange little egg guy as well as the name so I snapped these up for review. Another amusing packaging bit is the “for export” label…just in case you were worried about maybe having some Philippine egg cracker contraband. Rest assured, the Philippine cracker police won’t extradite you for eating illegally obtained egg crackers. I bet that was a load off your mind eh?

I’d also like to call to your attention the weirdly swoopy cracker shape which might have played a part in my picking these up to review. I’m not sure why they are little scoopy cracker versus just plain flat crackers but there they are. Maybe you are supposed to use them like scoops for dip or soup or something of that nature.

Which…yeah. You might want to do just that because these aren’t really stellar on their own. They are sort of sweet, like Chinese dinner rolls are sometimes sweet, and they are sorta stale eggy but mostly they are…kinda…well…yuck. They are a little too thick to be crispy but too crispy to be softly chewable. If you flattened one of those sweet Chinese eggy dinner rolls down to about a quarter of an inch, got it wet so that it would stay compact and then let it dry out for a week or more you might have Egg Cracklets.

I’m trying to keep an open mind but I can’t really find a situation wherein I would recommend these crackers. You are better off either going with any of the Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (yes, even the cheese Kame) or going it alone without crackers than cracking out the Egg Cracklets.

Rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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