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Greetings from Shang-hi…via Flushing NY…via Ann Arbor MI. That might explain some reservations I and the Pigs had about these because they taste like they were born in China and walked their way to My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store. I almost wonder if maybe I had intercepted them in their homeland they might not have been a little tastier.

I’ll start with the good. These crispity rolled cookies have a neat defining terminal stripe that wraps itself around the cookie in a pleasing chocolate contrast. They are also crispy, maybe not as crispy as most of the other rolled crispity cookies but there is a light crisp. And last (and my favorite) the box comes with a funny little poem:

Really, the poem is one of the major purchasing nudges on these fellas. That and they are part of the crispy flat rolled filled cookie family, which are usually pretty tasty.

Ummmm. Well. Alright. Now to the unfortunate part of the review. When we opened these up to take that first telling whiff there was something off. One Pig mentioned that they smelled rancid, like maybe the oil in the chocolate had gone off. They do have a not so very delicious chocolaty smell to them like the whiff of low, low grade chocolate. Very low grade chocolate. Think grade D “fit for human consumption” chocolate. And guess what? They taste like they were filled with Grade D “fit for human consumption” chocolate goo.

At least it’s a nice soft chocolate goo.

The cookie might have saved the day, maybe, but although it was sorta crispy that’s all it had going for it. Alone, it’s not very sweet and not very flavorful and it has the unfortunate ability to absorb the flavor of whatever is touching it. Which is the less than stellar goo.

I don’t think Corlade is a 0 pea snack but I’m not sure it can make it up to a 1 pea rating. I’ll give it a 0.5 for crispy and a 0.5 for the amusing poem but that’s about all I can do. I do kind of wonder if I didn’t get a bad batch and I’m perfectly willing to re-rate if someone out there thinks Corlade is the best thing since sliced toast. I’d prefer if that someone else took the first bite though…just in case I’m not the one on crack about the current pea rating. So until then, Corlade will have to live with a

Rating of 1 wasabi pea out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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