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ChocoRoll! Hee. We tasted these fellas the same night as the unfortunate Corlade and let me tell you, bland would have gotten five peas after that. David The Muppet King will be most pleased with Corlade but alas, he will only get one sub par rating this weekend.

ChocoRoll roll may well come in different flavors but I only found pudding at My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store.


So what is a ChocoRoll, other than cutely individually wrapped and pudding flavored? Glad you asked because I have an answer. A ChocoRoll is a largish crispity rolled cookie entity, filled with something that’s not quite a cookie but not quite a pudding (a coodin? Puddie? Oooo, I like Puddie) and dipped in chocolate. Brilliant!

We had a bit of a debate about the center filling. On the package, it looks like the center is just a different kind of cookie from the Pirouette like outer wrapper but in reality it’s sort of solid packed pudding tasting mash. That doesn’t sound too good now that I put it in print but in reality if you took a generic but decent shortbread cookie, pulverized it and added pudding you would have the center. Kinda neat.

The ChocoRoll has a nice pudding taste but it also has a bit of a chemical taste, which is unfortunate. It’s not horrifically lab brewed tasting but there is a definite manufactured taste. I’m also not really impressed with the chocolate wrapping. It’s a nice soft chocolate coating but it’s also a sort of plastic-y chocolatesque coating. If I had pea points for chocolate, ChocoRoll’s dip would fall at 2.5 at most. Meh.

I really liked the idea of ChocoRoll what with chocolate, crispity and puddie and if they were all decent ingredients I’d probably 4 pea this snack. But the lack luster chocolate flavor of the coating and the chemical taste is going to knock a pea off the final rating. Still, ChocoRoll is a good decent snack and deserves a good decent rating of

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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