Ramune (lychee)

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I found another Ramune flavor which I decided I needed to review. Also, if you check out the categories on the left you may notice that I’ve done a little organizing. It bothered me that the ratings fell in the middle of everything so I changed them around to be first in the list. I also added a couple new categories (chips and I think Ramune) and I believe I’ve correctly linked everything to date in its appropriate place. Maybe.

Lychee Ramune is a neat cloudy clear color, like Squirt but not as festive with the cloudy. They’ve also changed the packaging around a bit so that your marble pusher-inner doesn’t immediately go zipping off to parts unknown when you unwrap the top unit. Now, it’s part of the little hat thing that sits on top of the marble dome (thereby staying on since it covers the whole drinking end) until you snap it off. Then it has a good chance of skittering to parts unknown once you release it from its snap off dome hat. It’s still just as awkward to open the Ramune as it was last time we visited so I’m still on a rant about that. Plus, I have Ramune Lychee mist all over my palm from where it spurtzed me when the marble released.

Still hating the drinking platform. I feel like I should be a gerbil or something.

The soda is…kinda interesting. Lychee is a tart fruit something like an unripe plum maybe and I think that quality is working for the Ramune. Normally Ramune is sweetened to within an inch of its life, possibly a bit farther but with the Lychee flavor, the tart really cuts through the sweet. Either that or they decided to not add the metric ton of sweetener. Let me check the ingredients. Ha! There are only two sugars listed so it is less sweet. As to the flavor, it might take getting used to but I think Ramune has a really good tasting Lychee here. There is also a nice sharp carbonation (possibly the best of the Ramune so far, if not then certainly even with the best) which is a refreshing change.

I think this might be my favorite Ramune yet.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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