KitKat (green tea milk)

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Green Tea KitKat? But of course and only the Japanese would feel the need to green tea a KitKat. “But boo,” I can hear you say, “Nestlé isn’t a Japanese company!” True. According to Godzilla, Nestlé originated in Switzerland but by the early 1900s they had factories in the US, UK, Germany and Spain. Eventually, they established a Nestlé Japan and lo! The Green Tea KitKat was born. Then, sometime in late November, Badmovie asked J-List to send him a pack of Green Tea KitKats for the review and here they are.

BTW, Godzilla also has some interesting things to say about KitKats in general if you feel like taking a small JSFR break and reading the skinny on them. Go on and look, I’m not going anywhere in particular today.

Back? Good, sorta. See, I’m not really keen on green tea, although I love to see what the Japanese will green tea next. Truly, there is no limit to their ability to green tea something. I mean, did we really need a green tea KitKat? Apparently so because here it is.

And it’s green tea all right; I’ll give them that. This KitKat is also coated in white chocolate rather than the milk chocolate of the traditional KitKat, presumably so that it could be easily and more aesthetically green tead. It does look pretty with the swirled green but the white chocolate is perhaps a bit sweet. It’s sorta the seven sugar lump green tea philosophy that crops up here and there in the JSFR. Hrrrmn. The flavor also lingers quite a while all green tea in your mouth so if you don’t like green tea this might be a problem.

Heh, a little back package fun. Nutritional Compass? It’s good to know!

The familiar KitKat crunch is still there (yay!) but the white chocolate adds a little slickness that milk chocolate doesn’t have. Hrrrmmm. My Pigs were pretty wide with their ratings, ranging from a 2.5 to a 4 so I think I’ll do a little JSFR math and give a final

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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