I Mei French Cookie (chocolate)

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Happy March Junkies! I don’t have anything super exciting, weird or exotic to bring you today but that’s OK. Sometimes you just want a little something more familiar or closer to home and while Taipei isn’t exactly close to home, cookies certainly are. You might also notice that these aren’t squid cookies or wasabi cookies or tomato frosting cookies but rather solid old chocolate cream filled sandwich cookies. With cake cone cookie bits.

OK, so they aren’t as familiar as they could be but like their milk vanilla sisters, they are a nicely different take on a tasty treat.

The cake cone cookies bring a nice crisp crunch to the table along with that toasty cake cone flavor. Plus they are cutely flat and have either an Eiffel tower or a squarish sort of building that I like to pretend is some sort of Taiwanese temple thing pressed into them. I’m not sure our box of milk vanilla had the square temple jobbers but I remember them from the failed strawberry I-Mei French Cookie review that never happened (because I ate them all).

It’s not hard to do; all that packaging only holds four packages (eight cookies total). Errrrr…yeah. While the cookies are novel, cute, and have a sort of an intriguingly large shape, four packages for all that bag makes me cranky. Fortunately I got these at my Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store, which means I probably paid a buck fifty for the lot of them. Thirty Seven cents per package of two cookies is reasonable but that is assuming you have your own Second Favoritest Asian Grocery Store near where you live and not a “We Mark Up Everything Because We Sell Trendy Asian Stuff” store. So unless you can get these for no more than $1.50 I wouldn’t’ bother.

But if you can find them at a reasonable price, both the chocolate and the vanilla are solid. The chocolate doesn’t have the slick butteriness that the vanilla had but it does have it’s own oddities. The chocolate cream is good cocoa-y chocolate but it also has an odd graininess to it. Nothing that’s going to really throw someone munching on them but it is noticeable. The vanilla got a 3 pea rating and I think the chocolate is just as good with a different cookie goo filling problem and the same annoying lack of cookiness in the giant packaging.

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Mari said,

    March 21, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    What is the I-Mei brand of Pocky-inspired candy called?

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