I Mei French Cookie (milk vanilla)

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Are you junkies doing OK with all this JSFR posting that has been going on? Because it’s just going to continue on through December and I’d hate to have one of you pop with JSFR glee overload. Also it means that I’m going to have to come up with (mathmathmath) eight more snacks to fill out December. Fortunately, badmovie got on the horn (or intertubes equivalent) to J-list and scrambled up some snacks straight from the motherland. During the interim as the snacks wander over from the Orient (and barring any snacks of yore I may also find I haven’t reviewed), I have some snackage recently purchased from my Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store. Today, I bring you I Mei’s French Cookies.

I Mei is based in Taipei, Taiwan, which is Orient enough for me to include in the Snack Food Review. Besides, check out the fun pressed picture on the cookie. And cookie! I don’t care where they come from; cookies (for the most part) are fun! And these cookies are an interesting lot.

French Cookies are designed along the same lines as the traditional sandwich cookie but in this case, the cookie part is more like a round flat cake cone. And may I add, a round cake cone with an Eiffel Tower pressed in it. Heh. French cookies indeed. And unlike a cake cone that may have been sitting around for a while before your ice cream met it, these are nicely fresh and crispy because they are individually wrapped in packages of two.

The inside frosting stuff is light creamy vanilla goo with a slick butteriness. It’s a tasty vanilla that has a milky companion flavor but the buttery is a bit cloying and lingers a tad oily after you’ve munched the cookie. There isn’t a lot of it which, in this case, probably is in the French Cookie’s best interest. The goo could be better but it’s not a deal breaker.

What is a deal breaker is the packaging. In all that space, there are only eight cookies. Yeah. One of the Guinea Pigs likened them to a cod piece; giant packaging for what you actually get. Sometimes my Pigs make me laugh and sometimes they make me cry with their accurate insight. This was a bit of both. We decided that we would gladly give French Cookies a nice round 3.5 rating if there had been enough cookies to go around so everyone could have had a good tasting. Instead, we grumpily knocked a half pea off for cod piece packaging for a grand total

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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