Zap Pusit (sweet & spicy)

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These snacks were bought by Badmovie but not in either of the great JSF J-List snack buying sprees. Rather I think these came home with LunarGeography and Badmovie when they visited the awesomest snacks food store ever out in Seattle. Anyhow, however they got into the snack food line-up, they debuted at our local Pub Nite.

After all, they do recommend having some beer with this tasty, crunchy and crispy spicy squid with a delicious exotic taste. Perhaps they do go well with beer if you can get over the pungent old fish food smell that comes rolling out of an opened package. We’ve had snacks that whiff of fish flakes before but none so enthusiastically as Pusit. Opening the package must be what it’s like to actually work in the fish food flake processing plant because that’s one pow’ful stench. It’s so powerful that it stunk up my messenger bag when we stowed it away for the night. In fact, it’s such a powerful stink that my bag still smells of stank-nasty fish food even after the Pusit has been evicted for a day. Aquariums for miles around are going crazy whenever I’m in the area so sorry about that, fish owners.

So yeah. The smell is unappetizingly horrific but at least they have tasty, crunchy and crispy spicy (and one would presume squid) going for it right? Well…lemmie talk about these claims starting with crunchy. Their definition of crunchy leaves a lot to be desired but I guess they are crunchy in a sense that they are not pudding (and for that we are eternally grateful). They are also crispy in the same non-pudding sort of way. If you’ve ever had home made potato chips that were a little too fat to be decently crispy and a little too oil soaked to be crunchy that’s almost exactly what Pusit achieves. It’s a stale, chewy, moodgie sort of “crunch” or “crisp” which is truly neither.

They do have some spice and a bit of sweet. Maybe. See, the overpowering taste of week old stale dead fish pretty much covers up any other sort of flavor they may have added. There might be a little spice and just a titch of sweet perhaps but you really can’t appreciate it. Not with 90% of the taste akin to something from the holding tank of an abandoned fishing boat that has inexplicably turned up in the Sahara.

My favorite Guinea Pig has had dried squid before (although I’m not sure it was gourmet squid) and rather liked it. He also likes spicy so he was looking forward to trying the Pusit. He absolutely hated this. Another Guinea Pig said that they tasted like “Roadkill Fish” while still a third exclaimed, while trying to scour the taste out of her mouth, “I gargled beer! Jesus!” Apparently, Pusit goes well with beer in the sense that you have to drink a whole lot of it to drown out the taste. There was not one redeeming quality to Pusit that we could uncover.

Not even this bit of amusing package warning. I would hope it may contain fish…it’s SQUID!

Personally, I would have given Pusit at least a half pea for trying and possibly for the amusing back packaging but it would be the same half pea. One other new Guinea Pig went as high as a 1. The rest of the Pigs threatened physical violence and desertion from the JSFR for all of eternity if there was even a hint of any pea points in the rating. So to appease the masses (and also to retain my snack testing pool) I am forced to give Pusit the JSFR’s very first

0 wasabi pea Rating out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Zinju said,

    February 9, 2009 at 9:40 am

    “may contain fish”

    *is amused*

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