Meiji Chocolate & Potato

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Have you ever eaten those things called Potato Stix? I’d Google them for you but it appears as if nobody is fessing up to having them in their snackery. At least nobody like Frito-Lay or Pringles has them Googlable, but I confess that I only went a couple pages in. What I did find were a lot of hits for people wanting to sell Potato Stix through a third party potato snacks dealer or something of the like. I don’t trust that those sorts of links will remain viable for long so I’m not going to link any of the third party potato snack providers. If you are feeling adventurous you can try your own Google-fu and see where it takes you but what you will probably wind up finding is a mess of long, thin, straw like potato chip sort of deelies.

That’s perfectly normal because Potato Stix are long, thin, straw like potato chip sort of deelies that look rather more like big fat toothpicks. They are crispy like a big fat toothpick shaped potato chip would be, they are potato-y like a big fat toothpick shaped potato chip would be and they are salty like a big fat toothpick shaped potato chip would be. Potato Stix are, in fact, big fat toothpick shaped potato chips. I mention this at length because the potato sticks of Meiji’s Chocolate & Potato are exactly Potato Stix.

(by the way, Guinea Pig LunarGeography got out her kanji book to see what those squiggles above “Chocolate & Potato” said. After hunting through her book of what the squiggles sound like, she told me that they were: “chiyokopoteto” In other words, the Japanese just took the English and Japanified it. Hee!)

The other element the title mentions is chocolate and yes, indeed, there is chocolate. It smells rather coco-rific from the get go and it is that lovely not quite dark chocolate that the Asian manufacturers (and many other people) are so very fond of. Someone mentioned that it was reminiscent of the chocolate they used in Winter Pocky but not as good. Sort of the discount Winter Pocky chocolate if you will. Still…mighty tasty.

The sweet and salty mix was good and the cocoa and potato was…different. Not to say that I couldn’t munch on these for quite some time trying to make up my mind. Crunch-crunch. Hmmmm. I don’t know yet. I might have to have another. Crunch-crunch. The Pigs seemed to enjoy the snack and even came up with a slogan: “You got your chocolate in my potato! Oh well.”

Rating: 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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