Cocon Orange Gummy

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And here’s your real JSFR for the weekend (not that the Naruto figure wasn’t cool, but as a snack food it just wasn’t that tasty). On this particular snacking trip, I set out to pick up a googob of gummies because I know I haven’t reviewed very many gummy candies here at the JSFR. In fact, I’m hard pressed to come up with any that I’ve reviewed but I think there might have been one in the distant past. Maybe.

Sadly, the wall of gummy candy does not exist at Tsai so filling the gummy gap is going to have to wait for Wizzywig (who does have an impressive variety of gummy stuff). Meanwhile I did find at least one gummy so I snagged it. I also discovered I had no Gummy category so along with perhaps the first ever gummy candy to be reviewed at the JSFR (maybe. Too lazy to sift through the archive to find out) I now have a new Gummy category. Huzzah!

At first I thought the little heart deelies were just fluffy cute but then I realized the gummy is actually heart shaped. That makes me smile with happy delight and I have no idea why. It’s like a little bit of citrus love. Awwwww.

And this amuses me for an entirely different reason. Errr…OKay then. Good on you Cocon for not including the illegal artificial coloring. Although wouldn’t it be amusing (in the “woah, good thing I haven’t eaten this yet” sense) if companies listed the whole truth about their product? Chocolate: Caco, Partially hydrogenised oil, Small insect parts less than ‘X’ amount as regulated by the food peeps that do that sort of regulating, Soy lechtin…

So. The reason that gummy candy has such a conspicuous absence here is that I don’t much care for gummy candy. Oh I’ll eat it once in a while but it’s not something I go out of my way to snack on. On occasion I’ll just go without if gummy is the only option so I’m usually not that drawn to the gummy. However, I had made it a point to purchase some and so I did.

This gummy? I like. It has a nice orangy smell to start with and a cute heart shape. The gummy is softer than a Gummi Bear or Gummi Worm, like a little heart shaped finger Jell-o on serious gelatin steroids. You can squeeze pretty hard and not squish these gummy critters flat. Not that I tried. Doo-dee-doo moving on.

They are not as cloyingly sweet as the Gummi gummies either, which is refreshing. Cocon manages a mildly tart not excessively sweet orange that is pleasant to munch. My favorite Guinea Pig says there is a slight after taste but it’s either a taste I can not perceive or one I don’t much mind. All in all, I think I’ll give Cocon Orange Gummy a

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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