Koeda Chocolate (morning time)

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Welcome back Koeda to the review. Last we left Koeda it was presented in cute little half stick milk chocolate packages which was a little bit different than the first time we met Koeda: Orange and long sticked. Morning time Koeda is back to the long stick again. And also hee. Morning time.

Today, or rather this morning if you will, Koeda salutes you with blueberry. Well, predominantly blueberry but I can smell other berries in there hanging around keeping the blueberry company. I couldn’t tell you what other berries were but I’m pretty sure there’s a BLUEBERRY (andothers) smell going on.

Check it out, these are like little white chocolate cereal sticks! There’s little rice crunchies in there, bits of (I’m assuming) blueberry and the white chocolate makes a nice milky background for the two. Again, I’m getting a nice fruit flavor that is pretty much mostly blueberry but I’m thinking maybe a little strawberry too to liven things up. Whatever the other fruit is, both fruits are a nice fruity fruit and not a manufactured fruit taste. It’s a little tart around the edges, which I find odd paired next to the white chocolate sweet, but sort of interesting none the less.

Are Morning Time Koeda better than the other Koeda? Quite probably. Are they as good as the other 4.5 pea rated JSFs? Hmm, that’s harder to answer. Again with the half pea points because I’d give these a 4.25 pea in a heartbeat but I’m not sure they are up there with the likes of Melty Blend (strawberry) or Toppo (salted caramel). Although, I am amused by breakfast in a white chocolate stick (morning time!) and there is a counter part which makes them even more amusing. OK, I’ll give an extra quarter pea for Morning Time and their counterpart (to premier tomorrow) but really, Morning Time Koeda are a pretty low end

Rated 4.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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