Koeda Chocolate (evening time)

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Good Evening all you JSFR junkies and look, Morinaga has a snack just for you night owls. This is the counterpart to yesterday’s Morning Time Koeda chocolate and the two of them with their “morning” chocolate and “evening” chocolate are giving me giggles. It also makes me wonder what happens if you have the morning at night or vice versa. Does the universe become slightly more chaotic? Entropic? Psychotic? I might have to experiment!

I actually did all the September JSF photographs in one fell swoop (I think…no wait, two fell swoops) but by the time I got to Koeda Evening Time my batteries had gone dead. Then it started to rain outside while I was charging up the batteries so I had to restage inside. Thus, Evening Time Koeda isn’t as good a pic as Morning Time Koeda and for that I apologize. I find that pictures with natural light turn out much better than those without so that’s why there’s been a run of JSFR pics taken on my porch. I have no idea what I’ll do come winter.

I also switched up the side of the computer that the snacks are usually photographed on because of the indoor lighting placement. Sorry for any scaling confusion this may cause. This long digression actually has a point, other than letting you know why the JSFR has become more of an outside thing lately, and the point is that Evening Time Koeda has been open and hanging around my living room waiting for the camera batteries to change for a couple hours now. And it is quite odiferous with the “evening”. It might be a long stick of milk chocolate but that’s not the first smell it’s giving off. Nope. It’s got some wikid liquor smell leaching from those puppies.

Up close and personal you can smell the delicious milk/dark chocolate and that’s much better. I do like the almost bitter Asian milk chocolate and Koeda does that well. They also put tiny little crispy bits in the chocolate stick which give it a fun crunchity texture.

I have no idea what this angel is about but both Morning time and Evening time had her on the packaging. She looks a little mischievous to me.

Sadly, I don’t think the “Evening” translated as well as the “Morning did for these Koeda. I can tell that they are trying to present some sort of nightcap drink in chocolate crispity form but the alcohol flavoring is…pretty unappealing. It’s also got a good dose of manufactured alcohol flavor and a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste. Meh. I’ll give these a quarter pea point for the hee of Morning/Evening but that alcohol “flavoring” is going to cost them quite a bit. Try the Morning Time Koeda or the Chocolate or Chocolate Orange before you move on to the Evening Time Koeda. The delicious base chocolate and Hee of Evening Time will manage to drag this Koeda up from the ranks of average, but just barely.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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