Kasugai Melon Gummy

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[Edit: Today’s JSFR was guest written by the lovely Nix Winter]

Melons are lush, sweet, juicy, best chilled in the summer.

Gummies are not melons.

However, these gummies do taste like melons, aside from having a gummy texture. Upon first putting the gummy in one’s mouth, melon flavor rushes forward, very much like real melon. The cover shows what appears to possibly be a green cantaloupe (which I’m assuming would taste icky), but the flavor is that of a ripe honeydew melon, which would have a smooth skin, not the lined skin of a cantaloupe. Odd looking melons on the package, it’s still an attractive package, as such things go. Most people don’t want to eat the package anyway. Only my cat wants to eat the package. He’s not that bright, but he’s pretty, like the package. Beyond eating the package, eating the gummies will get you 130 calories for eight, two grams of protein, and ten percent of your daily vitamin C, just in case you didn’t have or want to eat unprocessed fruit.

As far as processed melon goes, this is pretty good. The flavor lingers sweetly for some time afterwards. It’s the kind of gummy I could eat in January and remember warmth and sunlight from summer. I can’t really suggest buying some to share with guests coming in from Kansas to demonstrate how great Japanese snack foods are. This is more the kind of thing to shove into one’s desk, under some old performance reports, to nibble on when you don’t have to share and you only one or two. The three dollars they cost might even be worth the price at that rate.

I also liked their heart shaped form and that they’re individually wrapped. That way if you did give one to a co-worker or someone you actually like, they’re still fresh and just for them. If you do really like them, you can tell them that a sweet yummy heart to eat. Probably a really effective offer if one is of the Gothic sub-culture. On the other hand, if it’s someone you don’t like, you could offer them one and tell them to eat their heart out. Maybe have some on hand for November 5th, which ever way you lean. Hopefully the yummy flavor will make up for the snark.

I give them 3 peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas..

Nix Winter

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