Hi-Chew (green apple)

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We’re back again with Hi-Chew and their bubble-gummyesque taffy, this time in Green Apple flavor. Last we met Hi-Chew taffy, it was strawberry flavored but still oddly rubbery. It did have a neat presentation thing going for it with the keen outer white wrapping and the delightful colored inner section and this flavor too has that. Sorta. I was going to have a close up picture for you but sickly light green color doesn’t stand out as well against the white. It just sort of moodges from light green to outer white with no clear boundary zone. Meh.

I would take this time to talk about the apply aroma but there isn’t much of one at all. Good? Bad? Discuss.

There isn’t a huge apply flavor either, but it is definitely green apple. Granny Smith green apple I’d bet. It’s tart (but taffy sweet as well) with a bit of…unpleasantness. Maybe there is a hint of chemical after taste but I’ve had apples that taste apply and a little off in the same way. Maybe I’ve just had apples that haven’t been completely washed off and that other taste is something chemical after all. Meh^2.

I’m still not on board with the rubbery chew.

My Guinea Pigs weren’t overly enamored with the Green Apply Hi-Chew and suggested a rating of 2.5 peas. I think the Pigs have the right of things this week.

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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