Maeil Caffe Latte (classic mild)

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Welcome to November and a new bunch of snacks from a new haunt. I’m going to split November between two snack stores starting with the Most Korean of Asian Grocery Stores (in reality – Manna Oriental Market). I’ve updated the “Where Does it Come From” page with the personal info for Manna so check that out if you are feeling inclined.

Besides the Wall of Kim Chi, Manna has an impressive array of Korean snacks including Pepero, Konpeito and Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy. This time out I discovered the fridge section with drinks and lo! What should I see but a little coffee drink all dolled up like a frou-frou take out coffee and yet, it has a juice box straw too. That’s just too funny so in the basket it went.

Well, the sippy straw and this little heartwarming coffee message are primarily what made me decide to get this.

…aaaand this message too was overly amusing. It’s like little juice box coffees for hippies. Caffe Latte is so getting amusement pea points for that. Oh, and check out the packaging: On one side (first picture) the writing is in Korean and on the other it’s in English (scent of coffee/LatteHeart pic). Keen.

BTW, the sippy straw is really glued onto the cup. They aren’t taking any chances that the straw will go AWOL in shipping.

If I rated coffee drinks by cat interest, Maeil would get a 50% rating. Apparently Siamese cats are curiously intrigued while British Shorthairs couldn’t give a damn. As far as people, well, I’d drink it again. It’s a little coffee bitter but also smoothly milky. I don’t know about “fresh milk” but it’s a really decent milky milk. There’s a slight chemical taste hovering about in the shadows but it sure does beat the pants off of Mr. Brown coffee.

My Favorite Guinea Pig and JSFR resident coffee taster says he’d rate this even with Hello Boss coffee save for the slight chemicalness and the fact that you only get 6 ounces of coffee drink. That’s the closest anything’s gotten to Hello Boss in his book…high praise indeed.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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