Crown Mychew (grape)

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Today is Korean Taffy day at the JSFR, specifically Mychew (grape) taffy. I’ve done a compare and contrast between the Japanese based Morinaga Hi-Chew and the Korean based Crown Mychew before and the differences then are pretty much the differences now.

Mychew isn’t as fancy pretty to look at as the white wrapped colored taffy middle blobbed Hi-Chew but it gets the job done. Mychew is also less bubble gum springy which might please an American palate more so than the odd bouncy chew of Hi-Chew. That’s not to say that Mychew is all Starburst and light because it does have a bit of an odd bounce to it, just not as much when compared to Hi-Chew.

Mychew has a nice grape-y Kool-aid smell but it is not as powerfully grape as Kool-aid. The taste is sweet with a little tart but also GRAPE FLAVOR rather than fruit grape taste. I’d say that Mychew is more mainstream grape flavored than Hi-Chew, which is both good and bad. Mychew isn’t giving you anything you aren’t expecting in grape but unless it’s the fruit, grape rarely tastes like the real thing. Hi-Chew got fruit grape a little better but at the cost of a slight afterflavor. Mychew isn’t as cutting edge grape but it also doesn’t have any extra odd flavors.

Overall, the Mychew is the slightly tastier candy with a less interesting look to it and a little shoddier packaging. The strawberry flavor was better but the grape holds it own pretty decently. Not quite a 3.5 pea decently but add just a little more fractional peas for Mychew than you may have for Hi-Chew when you read the

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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