Haitai Candy (Nurungy Rice Flavor)

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We’re still cooking along with snacks from The Most Korean of Asian Grocery Stores and today is some sort of rice flavored hard candy. I’m not sure if Nurungy is something one does to rice or maybe a particular kind of rice like Nishiki or Basmati. Whatever it is, these candies taste like I imagine those two fluffy whatsits in the bowl do.

I also have no idea what those whatsits are in the bowl. I’m thinking some sort of rice cake-y things. Not being able to read the language seriously hampers me on occasion.

So, what does my imagination think those rice whatsits should taste like? Not like a side of cooked rice, that’s for sure and neither do these hard candies. They have a toasted puffed rice taste to them, sort of like puffed rice cereal but far less sweet. That’s saying something because corn syrup, white sugar and sweetened condensed milk are ingredients one, two and four (salt eking out the number three slot). There is also a “scorched rice flavor” ingredient too, which explains the taste. My Guinea Pigs all mentioned that these tasted like well toasted puffed rice. Almost scorched if you will. Imagine sugar smacks with less sweet but given an extra round in the toaster and these would be the hard candy form of that.

Speaking of hard candy, this is not as smooth a candy as I’ve reviewed. It’s not shardy per se but it’s definitely not a Wurthers quality candy either. I did not cut my mouth but the initial suck or two was pretty rough. I imagine that sucking several of these in a row might scratch your mouth up some but one wasn’t bad.

It’s an OK candy, more or less, but none of my Pigs were really excited by it. I think “Meh” is an accurate summation of their feeling about these so I think a 3 pea rating is probably just out of reach for Nurungy Rice flavored candy. In the infinite Japanese Snack Food buffet, a “Meh” won’t get you a return visit which speaks to me of a

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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