Tyrant Habanero (original flavor)

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How can you not get something called “Tyrant Habanero”? Especially something called Tyrant Habanero with a picture of a mad crazy hot pepper on the front? I mean, really! And besides…Tohato!

Also, how fun is it that these are little rings of tyrannical snackage? Believe you me, they are not kidding with the habanero and not much with the tyrant either. I had a little dust on my fingers from setting up the picture and I licked it off with caution. “Hmmm”, I thought. “These are indeed a bit spicy but overall not so bad.” Then I popped a couple chips in my mouth.


(*Apparently I had a very slight dusting on my fingers and the chips had quite a bit more dusting on themselves. The chips won)

So yeah, they have a spice that burns, people. It burns nicely and isn’t the flavor of pain by any stretch of the imagination but I wouldn’t recommend these if you have an ulcer. Or if you are thinking of getting an ulcer. Or if anyone near you has an ulcer. Hot!

They are also nicely crispity. There is a slight hint of “deep fried oil that kinda needs to be changed out” but that habanero is really quite awesome in making you forget about some old oil whatever SPICY!!! My Favorite Guinea Pig says that Tyrant Habanero remind him of shoe string fries in texture but I thought they were a bit more on the chow mein noodle side of crunchy. We both agree that these would make an excellent bar snack.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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