Spash Cool Rose Menthol

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Man, this gum has some identity issues. The package says “Cool Rose Menthol” while J-List calls it “Men’s Fragrance Midnight Blue”. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be thinking of when I hear all that. Is it only for men like Men’s Pocky or Toppo for Men? What’s the connection between men and roses? Does it taste like men smell? Midnight blue what? OK, the gum is a light blue color but no way is it midnight blue.

It does come with an impressive array of gum wrapper designs and I’d call that wrapper color midnight blue-ish. I’d also call that ambitious. Fractional pea points for a bazillion different wrapper patterns.

Unwrapped, I also discovered these surprising spots of reddish hanging out in the gum. Are these the Spash? Men’s Fragrance? Midnight? Roses? Menthol?

What I can tell you is that this spash smells extremely floral and eye openingly mentholy. I think the kitchen has fresher breath now that I’ve had an unwrapped stick of gum hanging around waiting for me to finish photographing it. Go kitchen! The kitchen’s breath might also smell a little like potpourri along with the mentholy fresh.

The chew is smooth once you get through the kind of waxy chunky bits the stick originally shatters into. That takes a little work and doesn’t please me overly. Meh. I’m also not so fond of chewing potpourri; the floral that settles up in the sinuses is a bit odd. Of course if you are a big fan of mentholated roses this may be the gum for you.

My two Guinea Pigs did not give Spash Cool Rose Menthol/Men’s Fragrance Midnight Blue gum a favorable review at all. They strongly suggested a 1.5 rating and while I think 1.5 is slightly low, this is not quite a 2 snack. If I did quarter peas this would be 1.75 pea rating but I don’t and 2 is too high.

Rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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