Coffee Egg Rolls

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More oddness from …you know, I can’t find a company on these critters. I’m assuming DaHu again since the packaging is the same as last week’s omellettes, and the cookies are practically identical (more or less) but nowhere can I actually find who might make these. Oh I can find who packaged them (Soft Indicator Food Co. Ltd.) and I can tell where they were distributed (Shueimei Village) and I know who the selling agent is (Walong Marketing, Inc.) and I even see fax numbers for several of these companies but the originator? No idea. Huh!

Anyway, this time around we’ve got Coffee Egg Rolls. Because after pork and slightly ahead of vegetable we all love to order coffee egg rolls with our lo mein. I have no idea what’s up with the naming of these because coffee egg rolls are just as bad but in a different way as strawberry omelletts were. Coffee egg rolls. I guess they are a kind of eggy cookie thing that is rolled up and does taste of coffee so maybe I’m a little too quick to judge.

Nah. Also? Heh!

Apart from eggy, these smell nicely coffelicious when you open the pack (by the way, there are three packs of four cookies each in one fancy, fancy box and the cookies are pretty big so plus points there for packaging and quantity). The coffee taste isn’t as strong as the smell might lead you to believe but coffee egg rolls do have one persistence of coffee flavor going on. It’s a tasty lingering coffee flavor so don’t be too alarmed. Like their strawberry counterparts, these are less sweet than a Pirouette might be and certainly a lot less crispity. The strawberry might have been a little more crisp in that many layer rolled up sort of fat crisp way but the coffee egg rolls hold their own.

If you are in to experimenting, the Guinea Pigs and I thought that Coffee Egg Rolls would make excellent cannolis. I may have to play around with pastry filling and these critters. I think the strawberry flavor is just a touch better suited for rolled up cookies but not so much so that the Coffee Egg Roll is left in the dust. I don’t have a fine enough rating system to reflect “a touch” better so I’ll give the Coffee Egg Rolls the same

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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