Strawberry Omelette

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Sorry about the brief delay in posting. I originally had this queued up to go live on Valentine’s Day (because it’s red) but then we sampled another JSFR which is really a much better Valentine’s sweet. So I decided I should swap the reviews around and post this one now and that one later. Besides who wants to open a package full of omelettes for Valentine’s Day? Especially…Strawberry Omelettes. That’s kinda weird yet amusing and I really would like to have sat in on the promotional brainstorming for this over at DaHu. I might have suggested Blintz as a better name but then I probably wouldn’t have gotten these as a Christmas gift from oft Guinea Pig DQ.

Strawberry omelet. Hee. LOVE!

Strawberry Omelettes are more or less akin to the rolled cookies we’re had before in Gookie, or Flute Wafers. Basically, these are round flat crispity cookies that are rolled up into a tube. The difference with the Omelettes is that they start out a much bigger round flat cookie that is then rolled up. I’d say they were half again as big as the other tube cookies. The Strawberry Omelettes are also less crispity and more airy with a light crunch.

They are just as messy though so be prepared to do a little crumb dusting if you pick up a pack of these. Or to blow out your keyboard if you happen to put them on your laptop. Speaking of packs, each behandled box (and yay for the packaging) contains 3 packs of four cookies each. Not shabby.

As far as taste, the Omelettes are not so sweet at all. They have a little sweetness but they are more eggy and strawberry tasting than they are sweet tasting. I kinda like it. The strawberry is a decent but light strawberry which goes well with the somewhat eggy nature of these cookies. I’d say it was more a crepe egginess than an omelet egginess but to each their own. Perhaps they were going for crepe and missed slightly with omelet. Whatever the story, the Guinea Pigs and I liked these enough to give them a

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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