Sequoia Chocolate (green tea)

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Here is the second flavor of Sequoia, the first being strawberry from a few weeks ago. Today? Green tea. Strange looking green tea too…it’s sort of pea soup colored. Yeah that is, for once, not a product of my poor photography skills but rather actually green pea soupy green. Hrrrmmmm…

Green tea, I do not much care for it so I like to farm out my green tea snack foods to people who are more enamored of the flavor. This ensures that all green tea reviews aren’t “Hated it. 1 pea rating!”, unless they truly deserve it. So, when My Favorite Guinea Pig went off to work, I loaded down his pockets with a couple Green Tea Sequoias to hand out to his coworkers. What came back was:

It goes through many flavors – kind of like some sort of Willy Wonka candy.
Unexpectedly creamy – the texture is good
It’s not too sweet, a hint of lemon.
Sadly, a bit chemical and with a bitter aftertaste.

By golly, his coworkers are right! I should hand over the Review to them since these Green Tea Sequoias start out sweet, then there is a little milky, some crunchity wafer cookie, bitter green tea and then a light aftertaste of chemical labby. It’s kinda cool, actually, the taste metamorphoses these go through, although I could do without the chemical after taste. And the green tea if we’re splitting taste hairs. I do quite like the smooth creamy green tea coating in contrast with the crunchy wafers, it’s like a Kit Kat but oddly better (the crunch vs. coating factor, not the chocolate versus green tea factor). I also think the sweet and the green tea bitter are playing very nice with each other and even the milky is harmonious with the whole kit and caboodle. This is a very nicely constructed candy/snack and on the whole there were more pea points given for the various flavors and their compatibility than taken away for the chemicalness and its lingeration.

I don’t know as I’d go back for seconds in the great JSF infinite buffet but I’d certainly pick up some Green Tea Sequoias once and enjoy them as much as a green tea dissenter can. That’s gotta count for at least an average pea rating plus a little extra for a nicely done snack. You know what else Sequoia is going to do for the JSFR? I think it’s going to give me a poke and whisper that I ought to add a Green Tea category on the side there. You are absolutely right, Green Tea Sequoia, have a

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas and a new category too.

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