Bourbon Choco&Coffee

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I’m back with Bourbon! But not Kentucky Bourbon, Bourbon Company cookies with dollops of chocolate or coffee in the centers. You would also be seeing two cookies that looked slightly different in the pic if they didn’t stack them chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, coffee, coffee, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, etc. and Fibonacci so forth. Strangest package distribution ever. Just pretend that the two cookies on the computer look like the two cookies on the package, which I mistook for a filled cookie and a not filled cookie. Five chocolates in a row will tend to sway one into believing that there really aren’t any coffee dollop cookies. That and the fact that the coffee flavor rubbed off most heartily onto the chocolate cookies so they became more mochaesque.

OK, cookies. The cookie part is like a tasty graham sandie cookie with fun fluted edges. Each flavor has a different edging (chocolate = scored line like things, coffee = leaf looking things) and the cookie is decently crispy crumbly. It is also pretty tasty in its own right.

The dollops are chocolate and coffee but due to some non Euclidean space time dolloping (or maybe because they sit right next to each other) the chocolate has a hint of coffee and the coffee has a hint of chocolate. Sort of a 85/15 for the chocolate and a 92/8 for the coffee but there is still a taste of the companion flavor no matter who you are munching on. Both dollops are smooth yet not gooey, perhaps a tad more pliant than the dollops of chocolate one might find on Keebler Fudge Drop Sandies (I’d link but Keebler’s site is a pain in the tukus).

The Guinea Pigs all agreed that these cookies were pretty tasty, hovering around a 3.5 or a 4, and there tended to be a leaning more towards the chocolate as being the tastier of the pair. I have no quibbles with the pigs, so a

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas it is.

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  1. Jisoo said,

    June 30, 2011 at 3:49 am

    I bought it today for 98yen. Thinking of the price, we can be generous to the mixed Chico and coffee flavors. (^^)

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