Orange Mikan Daifuku

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More mochi this week, but this time the mochi is from Japan. Not that you can tell because the construction is very similar to last week’s mochi with the intense orange flavor, the middle bean-y blobbit that isn’t terribly bean-y as much as it is intensely orangy and the fun marshmallowy layer.

Sadly, the orange is more Tang flavored orange rather than from the tree orange flavor. On the other hand, none of my Guinea Pigs seemed to mind that these mochi aren’t fresh fruit orange flavor so six of one I guess. I’d take some pea points away for that but the Guinea Pigs liked the orange better than the strawberry and the strawberry was mighty tasty. Maybe I’ll just look at this as “I’m not adding pea points for a fruit orange taste because this doesn’t have one”. Good enough.

I farmed out both the strawberry and orange mochi to a few of the Pigs and besides the universal complaint that there wasn’t enough to gorge on (as one said, “If I shopped at Hua Xing I would be buying these every single week”) most of them really liked both fruity mochi. They also were sad that the mochi were so brightly colored because they thought for sure that the coloring would make it very hard for the mochi to survive in the wild. I hate it when the local mochi predators wipe out the entire native mochi population. We did speculate that the female mochi might be drabber than the male and thus harder to capture and package up so perhaps there is hope for the fruity mochi.

Sometimes the Pigs go off on some very odd tangents.

To recap: Tasty if a bit Tang-y (which nobody seemed to mind), pretty and perhaps endangered. And

Rated 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. claw said,

    July 14, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    tangy they are indeed! im not the kind to mind this tho! ^^

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