Esprezzo Black Coffee Candy

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Candy is dandy but coffee candy is dandier. Or something. Yes, I once again am embarking on the quest for Asian coffilicious hard candy. It’s a sickness, but one that brings you more snacks to peruse at the JSFR.

Esprezzo hails from Indonesia by the way of Kuala Lumpur and finally San Marino California. It is also Halal in case you were wondering and awfully buttony cute. The candy is a filled coffee candy with a low middle of the road coffee flavor. Sort of a “I got to the pot many several hours after the coffee was made but at least it wasn’t made from the worst coffee roast ever” flavor. There is a bit of a burnt taste hanging around and also a good hinting of chemical flavoring about the edges. This pleases me not, but the basic coffee flavor is serviceable. Of course if you have a choice between Esprezzo black coffee candy and Kanro Non Sugar Coffee Sankan, definitely pick the Non Sugar Coffee Sankan but if you are all alone in the desert with nothing but an Esprezzo, it’ll do.

The filling is kinda unique to the JSFR so far in terms of coffee candy and it too is OK. Mine got nicely melty by the time I got to it and it was certainly coffee flavored (perhaps better than the candy was) but soon it was gone and I was left with the rest of the candy to finish off. Meh.

I’m not overly impressed with Esprezzo despite the funny name and the interesting coffee filling so I believe I’ll rate it a lower than average

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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