Quancheng Foods Crisp Rice Ball

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Here’s a little crunchy sesame snack from China. I picked these up for a couple reasons, one being that ‘glutinous rice flour, sugar, sesame, starch syrup and palm oil’ seemed pretty innocuous. I also liked the cute little round balls of snackage covered in sugary goodness.

Plus: Food Revolution. I’m not sure if these are snacks to keep you going through the revolution or if these start the food revolution but whichever it is, I’m now prepared. SNACKS!

Crisp Rice Balls are indeed crisp (viva la revolution!) like deep fried crispy, porous, dough balls of sesame. They have a bit of a cooked oil taste to them but also a nice sesame too (not to much, not to little, just enough to Start the Revolution!). They also are a bit greasy, but that’s understandable given the deep fried-like nature of them.

Crisp Rice Balls would make pretty good potato chip substitute snacks except that they are really sweet. That’s understandable, they are covered in large grains of sugar. That’s also sort of sad because Crisp Rice balls aren’t a really good sweety sweety snack due to the oily deep fried sesameness. They also aren’t a really good savory snack because of the sugar. They are a pretty good in between snack but how often does one crave a sweety savory snack? Perhaps that’s what sparks off the Food Revolution.

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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