Crown Mychew (apple)

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Back again with some more Mychew. I was trying to match the Hi-Chew Green Apple when I bought these hoping for a good compare and contrast. However I don’t read Korean so all I can go by is the picture. Which is pretty darned red apply.

The taste is also pretty red apply too…Red Delicious I’d hazard a guess. I’m not a big fan of Red Delicious apples; they always taste kinda meh with a side of astringent mealy but I have to say that everything I don’t like in a Red Delicious is well represented in this Mychew. They have a sweeter more mellow apple flavor than the Hi-Chew green apple but both apple taffies have a slightly unpleasant chemical undertone to them.

I am sort of impressed with how they managed to tag all the things I dislike about Red Delicious apples though. That’s gotta count for something. Sadly, I don’t think that will affect the rating in any way. What will affect the rating is the raving opinion of My Favorite Guinea Pig. He LOVES these but he also is a huge fan of the Deliciouses. I can acquiesce to a higher rating than my original thought of 2.5 peas since my dislike of the base flavor ought not to weigh so heavily on the final tally.

Ergo, Mychew apple is saved from less than average obscurity for a final

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas. Unless you too are a huge fan of the Deliciouses, then feel free to add a half a pea point.


  1. summer said,

    November 4, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Also, korean caramel snack.

  2. Boo said,

    November 4, 2009 at 6:47 pm


    I did not think I was being that subtle when I said in the first paragraph, “However I don’t read Korean so all I can go by is the picture.

    Apparently that sort of slipped through the cracks. I’m not particularly keen on announcing the origin of every off culture snack front and center (hence why I have a whole page called “Honorary JSFR“) because that gets old fast. I do a LOT of off culture reviews as you have noticed. Most of the time I like to work in the country of origin somewhere in the review because I get a lot of these “NOT JAPANESE!!!1!” comments but sometimes I just can’t be arsed. Hence the disclaimer page.

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