Lucky Stick (cappuccino cream)

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Let’s step away from the J-List deluge for some more locally purchased snacks. Believe it or not, I found this new flavor of Lucky Stick at the local quasi upscale grocery store and even though I still had a ton of snacks at home, I picked this up. But of course, how could I not after reviewing Lucky Stick chocolate cream and Lucky Stick strawberry cream? I thought I had the Neapolitan triumvirate at last. Then when I went to photograph my JSFs I noticed that I hadn’t gotten Lucky Stick milk cream like I had thought (and the picture on the package had lead me to believe) but that I had picked up cappuccino cream. FanCAY!

Although I gotta say the package photo of the Lucky Sticks make them look a whole lot more contrasty than the actual Lucky Sticks are. For once my photographic skills are true and the sticks are really sort of a tan coffee color on a tan chocolaty stick. Hrmph.

However! They aren’t a bad tasting tan coffee colored cappuccino pocky-a-like. They are sort of mildly coffee flavored with a pleasant milkiness from the white chocolate coating. Much like one would expect a cappuccino to taste, save a little light on the coffeeness. I’m used to a more “COFFEE” taste in my cappuccino and these sticks are rather more “…coffee?” in their interpretation but at least Meiji started with a decently good coffee.

The only downside is the stick. It’s not as flavorful as a Pocky stick, which would have really complemented the cappuccino taste well. Instead, the Lucky Stick stick has a poor quality graham taste to them which leaves one wanting for a little tastier grahamesqueness. The chocolate Lucky Stick is slightly better but the cappuccino stick is above and beyond the strawberry stick. If I quartered peas, I’d give Lucky Stick (cappuccino cream) a 3.75 pea rating, knocking off a quarter pea for the humdrum stick, but I do not divide my ratings that finely. I will have to go with a 3.5 rating with a phantom quarter extra pea point which will have to be mentally added.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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