Buta Don Drop (Obihiro Limited)

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Greetings, Junkies…sorry about the almost on time posting. I had the past two or three weeks set to automatically update so you would get an on time post but for some reason they have been failing to launch themselves into webspace. Hopefully the JSFR will have straightened itself out by this Saturday but if not…well here’s an another almost on time post.

July! My gosh, how did that happen? Also, here’s the penultimate Food Drop for review today: Butadon. My gosh, how did THAT happen? I did a little poking about for y’all and found a wiki entry but truth be told, there is not a lot about butadon out there other than recipes. Those are a dime a dozen and look tasty and basically say “cook pork in sauce, put it over stuff” (I’ve seen noodles as well as rice). According to the wiki, buta is Japanese for pork and don is short for donburi, or bowl. Pork Bowl!

(That’s what the last place team in college football gets to go to. Deeeelicious).

Buta don Food Drops are…well they are mildly sweet so plus there but this is a hard candy after all so I’m not going to willy nilly grant them pea points for getting mildly sweet right. They are also somewhat gingery(esque) tasting and perhaps a little ricey too. As for pork, I’m not getting an overwhelming sensation of meat in the flavor. Sure, maybe it tastes like pork somewhat but mostly it tastes of that not quite gingery and toasted ricey. I expect that if this were barbecue chicken flavored, I’d maybe taste some chicken as well just because I rarely have barbecue sauce without some sort of meat. The Food Drop tastes like a sauce that goes particularly well with pork so I think I’m adding some imaginary pork flavor to the taste sensation. It’s not bad, but I wonder if I didn’t know what this was supposed to be whether I’d still taste a faint porkiness. Hmmm.

My Guinea Pigs were divided on these Drops. A few did! not! like! them while there were a couple “Meh” Pigs and one Pig who was “These are TasTY!” I still stand by the Yaki-Curry drops as the best of the bunch and then the taco rice (minus the weird beginnings), then probably the cookies and sake (I liked the sake drops) and then these. Lastly the beer drops followed way in the distance by the cod roe and mayonnaise so the Buta don are at least not last. Feel free to add or subtract a half pea point, depending on where you sit on the butadon fence.

Rating of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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