Tohato Boy’s Day Poteko Mild Salt (potato snack)

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I don’t think I’m ever going to get through all my snacks because just as I’m winnowing down the January (!) J-Listing, The Qs send me a package from Hawaii with snacks! Then when I get down to the last of those snacks August and the blogaversary comes up and I go off on a nut and get more snacks. Then THEN when I’m almost done with those snacks, what should appear on my doorstep but a mysterious package. From Bubbles…full of Japanese Snacks to review!!!!! Streuth!

These are not from the mysterious package of Bubbles origin, nor are they part of the Great January J-Listing, nor are they part of the blogaversary buying spree. Which leaves the package from Hawaii. From the Pacific, The Qs bring you Tohato potato snacks. The English sticker has a garbled title, which I dutifully put as the real title, but I think these are just plain mild salt potato snacks.

First, how cute are the potato rings? Second to Pringles in fun construction (I’m all about the stackableness of Pringles) potato Os have got it going for funness of shape. Sadly, they are not big enough to fit over your fingers unless you are a boy (as the English naming suggests in the title but you could also be a girl. How about a child, that covers both bases) or have unusually small fingers. I have weirdly long thin fingers and I can only get a potato O over the first joint of my pinky finger. So much for stacking them on your digits like the packaging suggests. You may also have to have a fish for that to work, if I’m to go by packaging, so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.

Anyhow, the potato snacks are pretty generic potato chippy like things (think those off brand potato chips you get in school lunches or if you are a group of peoples that are having a run of the mill lunch packed for you) with a decent potato-y taste and a lightly salty potato chip salt. They also have a bit of that potato slurry feel to them as I’d guess that’s how the Os are made. Either that or Tohato has an awfully complex potato cutter which tubes and slices potatoes AND keeps them round and uncollapsed during the frying/baking process. I’m voting for potato slurry/potato O press.

My Favorite Guinea Pig thought these were pretty bland and…yeah. There’s not a lot of WOW to them at all, but they are weirdly addictive. And circular. There’s enough potato taste to be pleasant and enough salt to be appealing. They have a decent crunch and theoretically you could stack them on your fingers if you ahve small hands. I think I could munch on them happily for quite a while so I’ll add an extra half pea rating to a generically average processed potato chip like entity 3 pea rating for a total

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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