Mexican Salsa Chicken Cratz

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Cratz! Ah-ahh! Savior of the Snackiverse!

Ever since I started thinking of this review, that has been stuck in my head. Thus I give it to you. I also give to you another flavor of Cratz: Mexican Salsa Chicken. You know what I never really noticed before? The Cratz ‘Z’ has a lightning bolt through it. It took the flash (HA!) animation of the lightning bolt at Glico’s Cratz site to make me stand up and say, “Huh. Lightning bolt. When did THAT happen?”

I guess I am the master of the oblivious.

Believe it or not, I am still working on the J-Listing of ought ten. CRIMONY! Fortunately, a lot of stuff has already been tasted but just not written up, which is why you are getting Cratz so late in the year. On the other hand, what better time for salsa Cratz than the fall? Mexican Salsa Chicken Cratz has the awesome Cratz crunch reminiscent of fall leaves and a nice hot pepper salsa burn to remind you of the last lingering days of Summer. OK I just made that up, but the crunch and the salsa burn are completely true. There is also an incredibly tomato-y zing as well so as far as Salsa goes, I’m sold. The only down side is that they seem saltier than the other Cratz and that includes the Alpine Salt flavor. Plus the chickeness is kind of an afterthought to the tomato-y, salt and zest.

Of the flavors we’ve tasted, the Mexican Salsa Chicken is pretty unanimously the least loved but that’s also comparing them to the 5 pea Cheddar Cheese flavor and the 4.5 pea Alpen Salz flavor. They are probably a very high 3.5 or a marginal 4.0 pea snack, depending on your salt and zesty! tomato tolerance. Because they are Cratz and because you really don’t see a lot of Mexican flavorings in Japanese foods (and they got salsa pretty decently) I’m going to give Mexican Salsa Cratz a mediocre 4 pea rating.

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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