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We went on a trip to My Favorite Asian Grocery Store (which is actually my second favorite but whatever) because I did not have enough snacks to last me through October. I also didn’t have quite enough Bubbles gifted snacks to cover all of November plus Pocky day so snacks had to be gotten. My Favorite Asian Grocery Store has a pretty fine selection for not being Hua Xing but it’s like comparing apples and a giant apple pie. Tsai is a strip mall grocery store (granted, it’s two strip mall spaces wide) versus Hua Xing which is a former car dealership with enough room for aisles and aisles of snacks, a whole section for foodwares plus a room for live fish. Tsai seems pretty scant in comparison but still, I am pleasantly surprised that I’m able to find several new things each time I go to Tsai Grocery.

This time out, while I was debating the cookie nuance of cookie crush Pockys (-ies? Many Pocky), My favorite Guinea Pig found this Japanese candy which he immediately tossed in the basket. Super Lemon for starters is quite amusing but then…

Oh! Powerful Giggling.

There’s a whole comic on the back too.

I initially photographed these while I was home ill so I didn’t get around to eating any of my photographed snacks on account of feeling cruddy so I first taste tested Super Lemon the next morning. For breakfast apparently. Let me draw your attention to that panel on the back diagramming Super Lemon candy, the one where it says “Lemon Taste Powder”. It points to the very outer skin of the lemon candy and it should really say instead “Hey smooth brain, see that woman on the front and also in the comic? Did she not warn you about Oh! Powerful Candy? Well then you have no one else to blame for the fact that your mouth has puckered itself completely inside out.” I was in tears because the lemon powder was so tart. In fact, most of my Guinea Pigs initial reaction was very similar to the woman in the comic (except one who I am now convinced is either a robot or an alien lemon monster from the planet Tartlejuice) so bravo on the sour tart lemon madness Nobel.

After the outer coating, the candy is remarkably Lemonheadesque. Several lots of the Pigs commented on that similarity so when I happened on a pumpkin of free candy and I looked inside to fine a box of mini Lemonheads I grabbed them up. For science of course.

Baby Lemonheads start out sweet and then once the candy coating is gone get pleasantly soury. Nothing which causes the tear ducts to explode but a nice noticeable lemony sour. After a decent run of sour the Baby Lemonheads fade to a pleasantly sweet lemonaide tasting candy with barely any sour to be found. I also noticed that Baby Lemonheads advertise “Real lemon juice” but the package is too small to list the ingredients.

Super Lemon starts out eye wateringly sour until you manage to suck through the Lemon Taste Powder. Then the candy is sweet with a nice hinting of lemony tart. My first Super Lemon seemed more Mild Lemon Candy all the way through while my second seemed more in line with the diagram: SOUR! Nicely sweet, lemony tart. It could be that my taste buds were in shock from the initial sour the first time out and became immune to any further souring. On my second Super Lemon I was able to brace myself against the Lemon Taste Powder and enjoyed a lemonaide flavored sweet layer and then a nicely lemony tart candy for the rest of the eating. I’d try a third to see which is the truth of Super Lemon but that outer sour kinda scares me.

As far as ingredients, Super Lemon doesn’t say anything about real lemons, but it does contain ‘furuit juice’ and citric acid. It’s also colored with turmeric.

I think most of my Guinea Pigs enjoyed the Super Lemon even with the initial ‘kick you in the taste buds’ sour and all of them were amused by the packaging.

Oh! Powerful Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.


  1. Kevin said,

    November 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I did love these things. I like the sour.

  2. random pocky fan said,

    November 10, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    oh wow those things look sour. here in nc we have some pretty big asian stores but ive never seen these things before

  3. india said,

    March 6, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    my teacher brings them in all the time

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