Glico Cheese Cake Collon

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Bubbles is reading my mind because I’ve seen these Collon for ages and yet I haven’t picked them up. Partly because I get distracted pretty easily and every time I see a package of Collon I think, “Oh I should pick up a pack of Collon to rev-HOLY CRUM! Chicken Pocky?!?? I can’t pass THAT up!” Which means the chicken Pocky (or whatever it was that grabbed my attention) gets put in the basket and I totally forget that I was going to pick up Collon for real this time. It’s nice that Bubbles thinks about me and my easily derailed shopping habits and included some Collon for the review.

Also…Collon. Heh. I’m pretty sure they are pronounced “CALL-on” rather than “COLE-on” but one can still exercise their inner 12 year old can’t they?

What are Collon then? Here’s a close up of a couple of them and they are a lot like Combos in construction save they are wrapped in a flaky crumbly thick cookie tube rather than a pretzel tube. Think really robust pirouettes or thicker fatter Flute Wafers and that’s what the outer cookie tastes like. It’s pretty good too, decently plain cookie flavored (like the cookie part to a chocolate chip cookie but thin and flat) and lightly crispy. Also they are much more fragile than a Combo. Apparently rolled thin cookie isn’t as strong as Pretzel tube. Huh.

The filling is also different as the Collon is filled with a sweet somewhat frostingesque goo rather than a processed cheese food goo. Today’s Collon is cheese cake so theoretically the frosting goo should taste like cheese cake. The good news of this review is that it does to an extent. The frosting like filling is creamy and delightfully lemony front and center which leaves very little room for the cheesy. It’s there…way in the background but creamy and lemony really take up about 80% of the taste sensation so poor cheesy has to really work to be noticed at all. In fact, the strongest cheese is in the smell. Still, they are kind of tasty little critters.

My favorite Guinea Pig says that they remind him of Combos, pirouettes and those sugar wafer cookies…at least the frosting goo does. Collon aren’t as crisp as the sugar wafers (and also more sugar cone than cake cone) but the inside goo is pretty comparable. Collon’s frosting goo isn’t as thick as the sugar wafer frosting goo but both are pretty darned sugary.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.


  1. Orchid64 said,

    November 15, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    The pronunciation is ko-ro-n (コロン), so it’s definitely closer to “colon” than “call-on”, though neither is exactly what the Japanese would say.

    I was eyeballing these the other day and thinking about finally reviewing them, but reading your review makes me think I’ll keep on passing on any version of collon.

  2. Bubbles said,

    November 22, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    I do have mad mind reading powers, but only when it comes to Japanese snack foods. It’s a very limited superpower.

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