Glico Cream Collon

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Here is Collon flavor number two: Cream. I had the fortune of press ganging a couple new Guinea Pigs while I was manning the donations table at a recent convention so I have some different opinions this time out than I normally have. It’s always nice to get some new blood into the review pool.

Like their cheese cake cousins from yesterday, creme Collon are thin crispy rolled cookie tubes filled with a light frostingesque like filling. Today’s Collon is cream flavored which didn’t much impress my new Pigs. The creme filling is very sweet, nicely creamy but other than that, a little boring. There isn’t even a kick of vanilla flavor to pique interest so while they do taste of plain cookie base (or like a sugar cone but not as flavorful) and sugary cream, they don’t have much else going for them.

Cream Collon are a nice, sweet, pleasant snack so if you come across a box, perhaps one a friend has mailed to you, enjoy a couple Collon on account. However, if you are out snack shopping you’re better off getting something with a little more character for the same price. Cream Collon are munchable, more so if you find them on sale, but they probably won’t wow you in any way.

Rating of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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