Pucca (cocoa & vanilla)

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Oooo look, another flavor of Pucca! I bought these to replace the coconut Pocky that Bubbles sent me because I forgot to link in the original coconut Pocky review. So instead I have Pucca as the official Bubbles donated JSF, which is equally as good as Pocky except different. And full of cute fishie shapes. Also, did you know you can sing the Men at Work tune Be Good Johnny subbing Pucca? Pucca-Pucca, Pucca, Pucca-Pucca, Pucca, Pucca-Pucca, Puuuuuuuuuuu-ca. Aaaand now Pucca isn’t looking like a word anymore.

Odd matching singing rhythms aside, this is a different Pucca than we’ve seen in the JSF Pucca stable (which if you would like to link clicky back in time were – in descending chronological order: sweet potato, New York cheesecake, almond, and chocolate). All the other Pucca have had a bland pretzel like shell filled with some sort of flavored white chocolatesque goo (save chocolate which was filled with chocolate). Cocoa & Vanilla have a…well…chocolate pretzel like shell which is just weird. Chocolate pretzels? I can get behind chocolate dipped pretzel but a pretzel made out of cocoa pretzel dough is disturbingly strange. My brain really wants these to be a chocolate graham cracker shell except it’s crispity in that pretzely sort of way. Maybe if I think of it as a chocolate graham shell that took steroids while spontaneously mutating itself a crispy hard protective coat I’ll wrap my brain around the whole chocolate pretzel thing a bit easier.

Of course they don’t taste graham-y at all but instead have a decent cocoa flavor with a solid pretzely background. They are also a tad on the bland side of pretzelhood but with the cocoa flavor you hardly even notice it (I had to ponder a bit to see if this was a true thing or not). Cocoa, the new salty! As for the inner filling, it is indeed a vanilla flavored white chocolate like dollop. The vanilla (listed as ‘vanilla sheet’ and also most likely ‘flavoring’) is pretty strong but not manufactured tasting. Of course I can’t really distinguish between good artificial vanilla and OK real vanilla so I’m pretty darned happy with the vanilla presented in these Pucca. My only complaint would be that the vanilla overpowers the chocolate but it’s a small complaint since I really like these little chocolate fishie things.

A guide to your Pucca shapes. Does C kinda look like a sideways Kerby to y’all? Hmmm.

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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