Bourbon Petit Series Potato Snack

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Ohmigosh, I was rambling on about the Bourbon Petit series chocolat chipu cookies being the only of its kind and then I happen to be poking through the archives and discovered that I’ve already reviewed not one Petit Series thing but two of them. TWO! I’ve done
Bourbon Petit Series Chip (teriyaki mayonnaise)
as well as citrus and red chili chips. Color me embarrassed for forgetting my own snacks! My memory is jogged now that I’ve seen the review and we rather kind of liked the little chips. I am going to take the stand that I didn’t think about these chip Petit series being the same as the chocolate chipu series because one is savory and one is sweet.

Speaking of savory, the Petit Potato Snack is another entry in the Bourbon Petit series of savory snacks. Unlike the cute potato chips, these are poofed potato rounds which taste sort of like potato enhanced rice poofs. The ingredients list potato starch but the texture is more akin to a poofed rice plank than a potato slurry chip. The taste is nicely potato though. I think I like the stacking tiny slurry chips better visually because there’s nothing cuter than mini Pringle like things. As far as poofed snacks go, these potato planks are really tasty in their potatoness and delightfully crispy and airy at the same time. They just aren’t going to get any cute points for their poofy round flatness.

They also aren’t going to get many delicious points after the tasty potato unless you are super keen on seaweed sprinkled potato poof rounds. True there is also a dollop of other spices which you can taste (rosemary, salt) but they are just as strong as kelp and “seafood extract powder” (which includes shrimp). These might have been a 4 pea snack because they are stoutly potato in their poofiness and the salt and rosemary are tasty. But. There is something about the seafoodiness which isn’t the chip’s best attribute.

if you like a touch of very middle of the road fishiness, keep the four pea rating. Otherwise I think a Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5 will have to do.

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  1. Vicky said,

    May 13, 2011 at 8:11 am

    I have to say this “Shrimp” flavor is my fav!! Love these since there are so “many” but quite low in calories compared to other savoury mini ones.
    I literally JUST ate the corn potage (yellow package) one and I loved that too! These 2 are now my favs 🙂

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