Bourbon Petit Series Chip (citrus and red chili)

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OhHO! I was all in a panic because I had NO JSF to review so of course I had to go to my Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store to get my snackin on. Then when I got my new goodies back home I saw that I still had some of the old goodies loafing about. Except…when I went to find the review to see what I had said about it, there wasn’t one. Huh! Apparently we munched on these a while back and then I never got around to writing them up. So here they are.

If you remember back in October, I reviewed the sister (or brother, I’m not hip to the gender of Petit Chips) chips of the teriyaki mayonnaise flavor. They were cute and tiny and crispity and kawaii. This new flavor is also cute and tiny and full of crunchity kawaii so yay. Pea points for that.

As to the flavor, the citrus half kinda falls short of delicious zestiness. If you want a good example of chips that can do citrus up right, I’d recommend Tostitos Hint of Crack Lime because they know from citrus. Petit citrus and chili have a rather weak citrusiness to them that is going to cost a little pea pointage. On the other hand, they do have chili down. There is nice chili bite that comes out strong and then hangs around in a zesty afterzing. It’s not enough chili zest to cause alarm but it certainly is there.

The Guinea Pigs and I decided that the citrus wasn’t all that but the chili was niiiiiiiice. We liked the teriyaki mayonnaise a titch better so in the grand scheme of Petit Chips, the better chip is the teriyaki mayonnaise chip. However, citrus and chili chips are not bad and admirably live up to a

3 wasabi pea Rating out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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