Chocolate on Chocolate Caramel Pocky

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Who’s got Pocky? I’ve got Pocky! I’d crow about finding another flavor or Pocky but that’s like finding coal in Newcastle or the duh news, whichever your idiom of choice. This one is a little surprising though because I expected it to be part of the Decorer or Dessert Pocky family just by the fanciness but Chocolate of Chocolate Caramel pocky is neither. It’s just plain old Pocky by Glico…with pretty, pretty chocolate swoops over caramel goo ON A STICK!

I do like the look of the chocolate swoops on the light caramel color. I also like the extra goo factor too, not to mention that this Pocky smells richly of dark tasty caramel. We once visited this awesome little candy shop in the German town of Columbus, OH and bought a sack of delicious hand made salted caramels which smelled a lot like the Pocky caramel. Those were freekin fantastic caramels too. Unfortunately, the caramel taste of the Pocky has a slight manufactured flavor to it which makes me sad. If Glico could capture the essence of those salted caramels they would have it made. Combining the stellar (as always) Asian milk chocolate with the ambrosia of mid-Ohio’s best caramels would be the dessert snack that would end all other dessert snacks.

On the other hand, this does leave room for improvement on Glico’s part. Perhaps these are a learning experience? I went poking about my Pocky reviews and the Chocolat de Caramel of Ought Four and the Marble Pocky (chocolate caramel) of Ought Eight were especially light on the caramel taste. Chocolate on Chocolate Caramel Pocky has the caramel issue fixed and then some but is weirdly light on the chocolate. Even with the swoops. It’s there and at a really nice mix with the caramel (I’d say about perfect) but not what I would label “Chocolate on Chocolate”. I also can’t seem to find the second chocolate, unless they are referring to the caramel layer as caramel flavored white chocolate. That I’ll buy.

I also reviewed straight Caramel Pocky and I think I might like the caramel in today’s review better than the caramel of yore. True this caramel leaves just a hint of an odd aftertaste but the intent of a rich, delicious, high end candy shop caramel is also prevalent. Plus, the mix of chocolate and caramel is spot on and the stick? Well we all know about the Pocky stick of delicious grahamesque goodness. I’m going to give Chocolate on Chocolate Caramel Pocky a 3.5 pea rating for now but if Glico can reproduce the caramel they are trying for without any hint of labbiness, I will change this rating to 5 peas so fast your head will spin.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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